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Courtney Waldren

Team Administrator, Realtor®

Courtney joined the Gill Agency in 2012, bringing with her decades of administrative coordinating, strategic planning and general ass kickin’. She prides herself on her ability to streamline, tow the line, and motivate those around her all while having a great time. She supports our agents so they can focus on clients!

She gets it done, period!

-Kevin P.

She’s lived north and south of the river, east and west of the highway, and has done her fair share of DIY home renovation projects. Working in real estate satisfies her curiosity about Austin’s ever-changing housing market. She loves being a part of The Gill Agency because the agents are incredibly creative and everyone is truly talented when it comes to taking care of their clients. To sum it up: it’s a one helluva team here!

5 Things
that get on my nerves
  1. having duplicate items open in my refrigerator
  2. people who begin their meal order by saying “I need…”
  3. lack of humility
  4. drivers who don’t use their turn signals
  5. humorless people

A Colorado native, she moved to Austin in 1990 then found and married the love of her life. Austin’s greenbelts, casual vibe, good grocery stores, smart and fun people have kept them here. An avid runner she explores neighborhoods on foot. As mother of two kids she’s passionate about Austin schools and play grounds. When she’s not working she can be found running, taking classes at ACC, throwing medicine balls, reading, cooking and eating, or volunteering for the Gazelle Foundation. Courtney’s favorites: Run For The Water road race, kickball in Little Zilker park, playing cards with her family, a good practical joke, cinnamon snow cones from Sno-Beach, Barton Springs pool, happy hour at Uchi, and being able to go anywhere in Austin and run into friends.