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Selling a Home

Selling your home can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time. Or, you might be sales-minded and thinking, “how hard can it be?” Either way, selling your home requires a third-party perspective that you can’t get when you live in it.



Some people call this the LISTING APPOINTMENT, but we like to call it a seller’s consultation. This is where we meet at your home to talk about what selling your home is like (if you have never done it before), what you might need to do to get the home ready, your dream timeline, where you’re going, the market in general and about comparable sold properties in your area.


Setting the Price

Pricing is the keystone of any sales strategy. Even in Austin, one of the hottest markets in the country, nailing down a proper sales prices is essential. Over price your home and you may be chasing the market down. Buyers are savvy these days so it’s imperative to price your home correctly. We’ll help you here and we are always happy to show you the competition.


Getting it Ready

This step is key! We can help you plan a budget and assist in finding subs to handle any work that needs to be done. We can help you pare down, brighten up and ensure that your home shows in its very best light without breaking the bank.



Homes that are easy to show sell faster than homes with lots of rules! We’ll help you plan for this. Having your home on the market is no bowl of cherries but we can help you plan so your life will be minimally disrupted.



This is our forte-we are some of the best marketers in town! Since marketing is our background, we understand how to “sell the sizzle” and how to downplay the negatives. We live by the basic premise of marketing—that multiple impressions=critical mass! And that photography, copy, videography, staging all help. Presentation is everything-and we know that! (I mean, look at this beautiful website!)


Offers and Negotiations

Now you have an offer or offers—how do you know which one is the best for you and your family? Is it always money? We are here to help you through the offer process and pick the offer that will get you to the closing table tout suite!


The Contract

You have an accepted offer on your home so it’s looking like you’ll be moving soon. We are here to help you define a timeline going through escrow so that your stress level stays low while you make the move.



The buyer will want to get your home inspected and we can help you anticipate any items that may come up in an inspection of your home. We will do a thorough walk through of your home prior to listing and make notes of any items that we think might be of concern to any buyer so there are no surprises.


The Move

It’s time to pack up and get your home ready for the next person or family to make their own. We can consult with you on this process—we can even recommend movers!


The Close

Time to go to the closing table and consummate the sale of your home. We’re still here—and forever after! We want to be your real estate agent for life! You can count on it!