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Buying a Home

Buying a home is easy when you have a team of seasoned professionals on your side. And that involves finding the right agent first. No sense in rolling the dice on this one. Find someone who is good at listening to what YOU want in a home. Someone who gets it. And gets you.


Getting to Know You

We get to know our clients and pair their personalities and needs with our extensive knowledge of Austin. We actually enjoy thinking about real estate values, taxes, utility and maintenance costs, municipal services and facilities, and proposed zoning changes that could affect where you decide to buy.



Before the search begins, pre-approval for a loan is a must. We can recommend a broker who will work out your loan and get you financially set for the buying process. Because we hold your hand throughout the process, if you don’t know what to bring when you apply for a loan, don’t worry. We’ll tell you.


Your Home Search

Our knowledge of the local landscape and market combined with our intuitive nature and our too-many-to-count years in Austin, means the path to your dream home will be a short, downhill walk. Our research time is your relax time. However, if you see a home you like, let us know and we can set up a showing.


Touring a Property

Due to the sheer number of homes we’ve seen, we have a keen eye for things mere mortals wouldn’t notice, like simple upgrades, maintenance issues, future resale potential and changes or additions that boost the quality of a home. Why settle for good when you can have perfect?


Making an Offer

With our experience, we help you make an offer that strategically competes with other potential buyers and still works in your favor. Homes in Austin are in high demand, but with our help we can make your offer stand out.



Once we find your dream home and successfully negotiate with the seller and their agent, then we get to CONTRACT—-one step closer to the best purchase of your life. Don’t freak out-we’ll keep you organized and moving ever closer to the closing table and the keys to your new home.



This is the time during escrow where we’ll help you do all your due diligence so you know what you’re buying. We’ll make sure you know everything you need to about any future fixes that might need to be made so that you can live happily ever after in your home.



The appraisal process is driven by your mortgage company. This is how the bank ensures that they are making a good investment in you and your property. We try to work with local lenders who work with seasoned appraisers so there’s no surprises here.



Whoo hoo! You’re going to closing! A day to remember-and we’ll be there with you the entire time. Not only that, but this is where we also bring you presents! This is when you “sign your life away”….but what could be better than owning your dream home?